It's Simple. We are here to Serve.

Our company foundation was built on the premise that event insurance is still insurance and it should be processed by a live insurance agent not a machine. As an agent I also struggled with finding clients a cost effective solution to their event insurance needs. After skewering the internet even, I was more frustrated with this segment of the insurance business. As I attempted to contact companies by phone either this was not an option or you had to leave a generic email and wait for a response that could take up to 24 hours. I came to the conclusion that most of these companies would rather have you muddle through a website input your credit card information issue your own policy and never have to interact with you. I to have grown accustomed to buying things off of the internet with no human interaction and while this may be ok for cell phone covers or socks I don’t believe this is a good idea when purchasing something as important as a liability policy that could protect you from a huge lawsuit or financial hardship. I thought to myself there has got to be a better way and that’s when Fiesta Event Insurance was born.

We are on a mission to bring back the personal touch to event insurance but at the same time making the process so simple that I may be easier then hunting and pecking on a website anyways.

Our no-pressure 3 step process is more like having a friendly conversation about your event with someone.

  1. First tell us about your event: Who, What, When and Where?
  2. Agent will provide you a quote once decided you can review and purchase your policy over the phone. (all major credit cards accepted)
  3. Insurance documents will be provided to you as well as your venue.