At Fiesta Event Insurance we love to hear from insurance agents. We have found that when an event insurance opportunity comes across the desk either you may not be able to write the policy or may be just to bogged down with other tasks to provide a competitively priced solution for your client. As an agent you work hard to provide the best insurance solutions for your clients and we support you in your efforts.Here is how we can help.

Simply fill out the information in the quote request fields below. We can either call or email the client directly with quote.We have also provided a printable pdf form that can be provided to client to complete and either email or fax to us for a quote.Our 3 step process is the simplest of any in the industry and takes approximately 10 minutes or so on the phone via email even quicker. Still maintaining a high level of service.

1. Tell us about your event: Who, What, When, Where?

2. Review & purchase policy over the phone. (all major credit cards accepted)

3. Insurance documents will soon be on their way to you. At no extra cost to you we will also contact the venue on your behalf. We will confirm how they would like to be listed on the policy and provide them the necessary insurance documents.

That’s it you are done and now you can move on to the other 101 things on your list in preparation for your upcoming event.