1. Lease/rental agreement

When client calls in for a quote it would be best if they have the lease/ rental agreement that was provided to them when they rented the venue. Somewhere on this document is the venues “insurance requirements.” Most venues are now requiring a 1-Million-dollar liability policy some require a 2-million-dollar policy. It’s important to have this available as not all venues post the insurance requirements on their website. At times venues will insist that special wording be added to the insurance certificate as they may want to include employees or board members etc. Click here to see a sample for your review.

2. Renter Contact Information

The other reason for having the rental/ lease agreement on hand is to verify who’s name the venue was rented by. Mom or dad may have been the one who rented the venue but the bride-to-be may be the one calling in for the insurance. The venue will want the names to match on the lease and the insurance documents. We will also need to have available an email address as well as phone number and address etc.

3. Method of Payment

Having a method of payment available such as a debit card or credit card handy would be useful it would save a call back.

4. Venue Contact Information

Also the name, phone and email of the person they are working with at the venue is crucial. As this is a key component to our business model.